An A.M. Costa Rica editorial: Deal with Iran is like dealing with the Devil

The assertion that there will be peace in our time has an uncomfortable ring.

That phrase was uttered in 1938, and it is being uttered today as government  officials congratulate themselves on adeal with Iran.

As a result, the United Nations is expected to lift the economic sanctions leveled on the criminal regime in Tehran. There are many parallels between the Iranian regime and the Nazis. Not the least of which is that they want to kill all the Jews. But the Iranians want to thrown in all the Americans, too.

Any deal that allows Iran to continue its unverifiable nuclear program is just an invitation for a Middle East nuclear war or worse.

Barack Obama and John Kerry know this. So the question is why they are dealing with the criminal regime in Iran in the first place. If any country and any fine people need regime change, it is there.

The nuclear deal is not verifiable. Iranian officials are fanatical liars and sneaks in the name of Allah, and Israel is probably going to have to take them out while U.S. officials wring their hands.

These facts did not stop the Costa Rican foreign ministry from praising the deal and putting in a plug for nuclear disarmament.

However, the better-connected Josh Block, president  of U.S.-based The Israel Project said this:

“Today’s announcement of this nuclear agreement with Iran is a realization of the deepest fears and the most dire predictions of skeptics who have, for two years, been warning against exactly this outcome — a bad deal that both enriches this tyrannical regime and fails to strip Iran of nuclear weapons capability.

“The deal will give Iran billions in cash and sanctions relief to fuel its terror and war machines, shred the hard-won sanctions regime beyond repair, and enable the Iranians to get away with hiding the full extent of their nuclear work, infrastructure, and know-how. It will not have an enforceable inspections regime or a workable way to re-impose pressure on Iran when it cheats.

“And then, after just over a decade, most of this deal will expire, and Iran will be allowed to have a full-blown nuclear program — a screw’s turn away from a nuclear weapon.”

We agree and urge the U.S. Senate to dump this deal.iranian071515

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