Another flood emergency in northeast

The northeaster section of Costa Rica has been hit again with heavy rains, and the national emergency commission has issued its highest alert for the province of Limón, and the cantons of Sarapiquí and Turrialba.

More rain is expected, said the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

At least 1,000 persons are now in public shelters, said the commission.

The weather institute said in the early evening that up to six inches (150 millimeters) of rain had fallen in the province of Limón and that about two inches (50 millimeters) had fallen in the northern zone.

The institute said it expected similar amounts today.

There also were lower-level alerts issued for the Pacific coast and the northern zone.

The emergency commission said at mid-afternoon Tuesday that the areas have been hit with rain for 15 days and there were 67 incidents of rivers flowing out of their banks, road problems and bridge collapses in 90 communities in 15 cantons.

At least 94 communities have access problems, and the rivers continue to rise.

Ruta 32 was closed at 5:30 p.m. due to torrential rain and the expectation of slides. Other roads also were blocked or closed for safety.

The lost to agriculture is soaring as fields remain under water. There also are transport problems for exporters who must send their products over the major highways to the docks at Moín.

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