Beam me up some dry weather, Scotty

Up here near Nuevo Arenal, we seem to have been transported to the Ferengi homeworld.

For those of you who never watched Star Trek or ST-DS-9 (that’s Star Trek Deep Space 9 for the uninitiated), the Ferengi are a race from a Victoria Torleyworld of perpetual cloud and rain. Ferengi have 137 words for rain and no word for crisp.

I like crisp. Crisp is good. I like green beans that snap when you break them. I like sweet corn that fountains sweet liquid when you push a thumbnail in a kernel. I like sugar snap peas (there’s that word   snap again)   that never make it to the kitchen because they are so darn good right from the vine. Is that what I get? Nope. I get 137 words for rain.

Don’t get me wrong, rain is good. Rain makes things green. Right now I would like to send some of our rain to the areas of drought in the country because we have too much rain! A hundred inches in 6 months? Twice what we had in the same period last year? Too much rain.

Too much rain is a garden problem. It leaches nutrients from the soil so fast that the pelleted  works-for-three-months fertilizer needs to be applied every 6 weeks. It turns flat gardens to bogs and sucks your boots into the depths (as my friend Mary can attest). It washes out seeds and seedlings. It really requires raised or elevated beds. With lots of drainage.

The best raised beds I have ever seen belong to my friend Shirley. In restructuring her garden, Shirley has had a set of raised beds made with concrete block. The beds are about 1×2 meters and a meter tall. They are well drained (if they weren’t, the plants would float away), filled with rich, well-composted soil, and arranged in a formal garden.

Right now, since they are still new, they look a little raw and forlorn, but I am filled with envy whenever I see them.  Once they are filled with flowers, they will be an excellent place for a garden club meeting (so everyone else can turn green with envy).

As for Mary and I, I guess we will continue to slog along in the rain and look for things that like to grow in the rain. So far, my favorite rain crop right now is peanuts. They are growing like crazy.

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