Both porous borders have continual floods of illegal merchandise

The country’s porous borders are continual scenes of smuggling, and there is no way to figure out what quantity of merchandise gets through.

The frontier police intercepted another load of medicines, syrups and creams from Nicaragua Wednesday. This plus foodstuffs are the typical items smuggled in the vicinity of Peñas Blancas.

The Fuerza Pública said that in just the first three months of the year officers confiscated nearly 56,000 boxes or jars of medicines, and 99 percent of the seizures were at the northern border.

The case Wednesday was on a back trail that bore the signs of heavy use. The officers reported that they found 63,000 pills, 100 jars of syrup and 150 jars of creams during a search.

The back trails there also are used for outgoing drug shipments, human trafficking and other illegal activities, including rustling. Many smugglers have a number of spotters and electronic devices so they can avoid police patrols along the mostly unguarded border.

In the south the merchandise is alcohol and drugs. The checkpoint at Kilometer 35 of the Interamericana Sur is well known, so the surprise is that police continue to find illegal shipments there. That checkpoint received construction money from the U.S. Department of State and has sophisticated equipment to catch drugs and other smuggled goods.

Untaxed cigarettes also are brought in from Panamá path072415frequently as well as illegal aliens headed for the United States

Two most recent stops involved alcohol. One vehicle had various liquors, and another motorist had beer, including Milwaukee’s Best, not a high-quality product.

Officers said that they also intercept suspicious stashes of cash and perfumes.

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