Calderón Guardia staffers report a succesful double lung transplant

Physicians at  Hospital Calderón Guardia have completed successfully a double lung transplant.

The patient, a 24-year-old man, suffered damaged lungs because he long had been exposed to glass dust in his job, the hospital said.

The hospital staff announced the results of the operation Wednesday.  It is only the third lung transplant at the hospital and the first double transplant in Costa Rica, staffers said.

The operation took eight hours.  Rodrigo Chamorro was in charge of the 12-person team that did the operation. The patent was reported in stable condition.

Marlene Jiménez Garro, a physician who specialized in lungs, said that the man underwent a series of procedures to prepare him for the surgery. He is expected to participate in rehabilitation once he is out of the intensive care surgery ward, said the hospital staffers.

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