Controversial contract awarded for Ministerio de Obras Públicas job

The public works ministry said Monday it had awarded a $12 million contract to Eurobau S.A.-Industrial Escosa S.A. for a new building.

The  Cámara Costarricense de la Construcción immediately criticized the decision for the speedy way in which the  Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes put through the contract. The chamber also complained that a letter it sent with complaints never had been answered.

The eight-story building will be in Plaza Víquez not far from the current complex that houses the ministry agencies now.

The consortium that received the contract is expected to begin work at the end of August. The resolution selecting the firm was approved Friday.

The ministry says it had to do a direct contract rather than bidding because it must vacate the current facility that is the property of  Liceo de Costa Rica.

The ministry restricted the firms able to be considered for building072815the contract by specifying that they must be skilled in prefabricated concrete.

The chamber said that the way in which the contract was offered kept at least eight other firms from presenting a proposal.

It said a preliminary calculation shows that additional offers would have saved the country $1 million.

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