Digital signature office is taking to the highways

Digital signatures have been used for years but the concept has not really taken off. Lawyers are among the big users because the can file documents at the Registro Nacional and courts without making a trip.

Now  Coope Ande, the cooperative for teachers, has created a traveling office where citizens and residents can obtain a digital signature.

The signature itself is a plastic card that works in a special machine that is hooked to a  computer. The user inserts the plastic card and also a password to verify his or her identity. The document that is then emailed or printed bears a distinctive imprint identifying the user.

The  Coope Ande vehicle and its crew will be traveling the countryside for the benefit digital072915of those who need the digital signature.

The  Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Telecomunicaciones says that some 50 entities in the country now use digital signatures, but for many the signature is optional. For example, major banks use their own tokens or identity systems.

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