Evangelical politician is involved in sex scandal

The case was exactly what the television producers needed on a slow news night.

A former deputy affiliated with an evangelical Christian political party is accused of attempting to molest a woman at a Pavas motel.

The ex-deputy is Justo Orozco of Renovación Costarricense. He has alienated many due to his stand on social issues. As head of the legislature’s human rights committee, he impeded legislation of benefit to gays and lesbians until 2014.

According to the Fuerza Pública, which detained the man about 5 p.m. Tuesday, this is what is alleged:

A woman who still is unidentified came from Naranjo in search of a job interview with the political party. She was seeking to work in her own area.

Orozco presented her to political colleagues and then conducted a job interview.

Later he took her to a motel and in the parking area of a room in this location began to fondle her and then tried to close to steel gate in order to keep the woman inside.

The woman left running and arrived quickly at a police station nearby.

Police detained Orozco as he was leaving the area in his vehicle, they said. He was taken into custody and in the midsts of a media circus was brought to the courts in San José where he was presented to  flagrancy officials.

He was taped climbing the steps of the courts building with a piece of fabric hiding his face. But he did declare his innocence to the microphones of news people.

A short time later, the woman victim detention070115arrived,  also with her face covered by cloth. She spoke abruptly and then broke into tears as news people sought information.

All this took place in time for the 6 p.m. television news.

Both were to be interviewed by prosecutors. A bit more than an hour after the arrest, the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública issued a summary of the case along with photos.

Motels in Costa Rica are different than those elsewhere. They almost exclusively are used for sexual encounters.

The social networks were buzzing with comments that supported and denigrated Orozco. In addition to a fondling charge, he is facing the allegation that he kept the woman against her will.

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