Government says it has figured out what to do with Chinese cash

When President Luis Guillermo Solís visited Chia, his hosts offered $24 million in aid.

Now the central government has come up with six projects for which it will use the money. The government said that the selected projects were ones already planned and ready to be set up, mostly in rural areas.

The first is a network of education institutions, mainly technical schools in various parts of the country.

The second is storage facilities for water in the parts of the country that are being ravaged by drought. The third is a metropolitan park in  los Diques de Cartago.

The remaining three relate to the country’s fishing industry. The proposals are for building a market, setting up a laboratory and developing outlets for fish in several parts of the country.

Personnel from the Chinese embassy have considered the proposals and forwarded them to their country. They have proposed starting by the end of the year, Costa Rican officials said.

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