Guanacaste legislation advances as holiday nears

As the July 25 holiday approaches, legislative measures related to Guanacaste are advancing.

The Asamblea Legislativa has a special committee for Guanacaste concerns, and its members emitted a litany of measures Tuesday for floor discussion and eventual voting.

One was to declare  national day of the marimba that will be observed by school children, the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud and municipalities.

The marimba is a xylophone-like percussion instrument identified with the Guanacaste rural culture. Some schools have entire marimba orchestras.

The committee also gave approval to several other measures that have been grouped into No. 19.487. The bill declares  la montadera de toros al estilo rústico guanacasteco, “bull riding,” as an intangible national heritage.

The measure is specific in that it defines the 
type of rope fastened around the bull and the type of spurs riders wear. Also declared  intangible heritage are the topes de torros and the  carreras de cintas.

The tope is the gathering of bulls at the beginning of a festival when ranchers bring their best  in from the countryside. The carrera is a sport on horseback where the rider seeks to grab hanging ribbons while traveling at full speed.

In keeping with the bull theme, the arenas in which the riding takes place are declared tangible heritage. The  Plaza Los Mangos de Santa Cruz where such events are held would be declared an historic site as well. The area is at least 100 years old.

July 25 is the celebration of the Anexión del Partido de Nicoya when leaders of that area voted in 1824 to become part of Costa Rica.

Lawmakers  Marta Arauz Mora,  Johnny Leiva Badilla and  and Juan Marín Quirós have been promoting the bill.bulls070815

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