Here is a quick quiz based on recent news articles

Information is the key to surviving and prospering in a strange place.

Editors like to think of A.M. Costa Rica as a key to prospering. Certainly the educational attainments and intellectual abilities of this newspaper’s readership are well above average.

To keep readers sharp here is a little quiz on some Costa Rican expat facts that are based on recent news articles:

1. What is the leading cause of violent deaths of U.S. citizens here.

a.) traffic accidents
b.) street robberies
c.) water accidents
d.) suicide

2. If a Costa Rican is denied a U.S. visitor’s visa, how long is the appeal process?

a.) two weeks
b.) one month
c.) six months
d.) none of the above

3. The Atlantic hurricane season is supposed to be:

a.) normal
b.) above normal
c.) below normal
d.) well above normal

4. A legal age for marriage in Costa Rica is

a.) 12 if the girl is pregnant
b.) 12 with parental permission
c.) 15 with parental permission
d.) 16 years

5. Costa Rica taxes the Social Security payments of U.S. citizens living here:

a.) true
b.) false
c.) amounts over $22,000 a year
d.) when the money enters the country

6. Costa Rican real estate agents are licensed by:

1.) security ministry
2.) the municipalities
3.) the justice ministry
d.) none of the above

7. Costa Rican rules require including women in the political process. Which of these is true:

1.) The presidency is alternated between
male and female at each election.
2.)  Political parties must have 30 percent
women on their slate for offices.
3.)  Voting is based on  qualifications and
not gender.
4.)  Women have complained that they are
relegated to secondary roles despite
the law.

8. The Teatro Nacional was completed in 1897 with funds from:

a.) coffee tax
b.) sugar tax
c.) donations by school kids
d.) loans based on future admissions income

9. Costa Rica hosts more than 2 million tourists each year. Roughly how many are from neighboring Nicaragua?


10. The sales tax on most retail purchases is

a.) 5 percent
b.) 13 percent
c.) variable
d.) 20 percent

Bonus: 11. Although many crooks have firearms, legal gun ownership is restricted to:

a.) citizens, permanent residents and tourists
b.) citizens, permanent residents and diplomats
b.) citizens
b.) those who can show a compelling need

The answers are HERE!

Answers to readership quiz

Here are the answers to the news quiz on Page One:

1. (c) According to State Department figures, drowning was the principal cause of violent death of U.S. citizens in 2014.

2. (d) There is no appeal for a visa denial.

3. (c) The hurricane season is supposed to be well below normal due to El Niño and a cooler Atlantic ocean.

4. (c) The legal age for marriage is 15 years with parental permission. At age 18 there is no restriction.

5. (b) False. Costa Rica does not tax income earned outside the country. Yet.

6. (d) None of the above. There are no licensing requirements for real estate agents and brokers in Costa Rica. Two organizations provide voluntary certification.

7. (d) Despite election laws on the books mandating women on party election slates, some have complained that they are relegated to secondary positions like vice mayor in the municipalities.

8. (a) Coffee tax.

9. About 450,000 Nicaraguans are counted each year as tourists, which, technically, they are. But most come here for other reasons.

10. (b) The sales tax now, except on basic food items, is 13 percent, but the government seeks to raise it and make it a value-added tax instead.

Bonus: 11. (b) Technically just citizens and permanent residents, but some diplomats carry weapons because their status makes them immune to the law and they need weapons in their jobs.

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