Hunger will always be with us

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

As usual, the U.N. is requesting huge sums of money, spread over 15 years, so as to defeat hunger.  Hey, it’s only a $1.25 per day for each hungry person, and it’s only 0.3 percent of global GDP. Hey, whatever works.

In reference to global GDP however, is interesting to note that Brazil’s humanitarian spending dropped by 97 percent, while China cut aid by 84 percent and Russia’s  donations fell by 45 percent,  according to The Guardian, and Muslim countries, other than Turkey (as a result of Syria being next door) pale in comparison. So much for the global aspect in such matters.

A couple of points to reflect upon:

– 650 million – really?   Believe the U.N. should stop looking at crystal balls. Yes, there will be hungry – always have and always will – to quantify in such specific manner is an absurdity repeated all too often in this day and age.

Perhaps it’s time to stop disparaging genetically Modified organisms at every turn?
J. H. Penner
Richmond, British Columbia

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