ICE says it gave a list of workers’ salaries

The national telecom and electrical company says it has delivered a list of employees and their salaries to a lawmaker but that the list does not include names or numbers of their cédulas.

The firm, the  Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, has brought a Sala IV constitutional court case over the use of employee names in the continuing controversy over disproportionate salaries.

Lawmaker Otto Guevara sought the list. He is waging a campaign against government salaries.

Workers of the state firm took to the streets Monday to protest what they see as attacks against their salaries and also actions by the telecom regulator that hurt the firm.

The company itself Issued a statement Monday that said it is seeking an investigation by the Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones of the conduct by its competitors, Claro and  Telefónica.

The two private firms have eliminated the mobile charge for roaming in Central America. The state firm said that they can do so because they have networks of related companies in Central America.

The state firm known as ICE said this hurts its income.

ICE produces, distributes and sells electricity and it operates a fixed and mobile telephone service. A subsidiary, Radiográfica Cistarricense, S.A., operates an Internet service as does the parent firm. Some of these operations are struggling, in part, because of the high salaries of the workers.

Like other government agencies, the firm awards raises based on the number of years an employee is with the company. In some cases, employees earn double or triple their stated salary.

Guevara made public the company’s salaries based on its April filing with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social. ICE said there were errors, which is why he sought the original numbers from the firm.

The march Monday was to the legislature.protest072815

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