Landowners creating corridor for cats

Some 18 landowners near the  Proyecto Hidroeléctrico Reventazón will be getting $1.6 million today in a project to preserve the forests and to plant more trees.

The money comes from the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad. The Fondo de Financiamiento Forestal de Costa Rica also is contributing an equal amount

The lands are part of a link between the Áreas de Conservación Amistad ─ Caribe and the central mountains. It is called the Subcorredor Biológico Barbilla ─ Destierro.

The corridor also is called the Paso del Jaguar because the big cats range in the area.

The area involved is  804 hectares or nearly 2,000 acres.

The meeting today will be in Siquirres, and the electrical company also is donating 34,000 tree for planting, the company said.

In addition to helping animals. the land will provide a stable watershed for the area.

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