Life in Costa Rica brings out his poetic side featured in ‘A Year of Days’

Poets are supposed to take two or more mental images, mix them and create an unexpected third.

That why James Just’s first book of poetry on daily life in Costa Rica is being called evocative. That is, the words generate images or emotional responses.

The book of poetry is titled “A Year of Days,” and it is a collection of daily observations about life with his wife, Irina, and their two dogs on el Cajón Ridge in the mountains outside of Grecia, according to an announcement.

His poetry resonates deeply with all who have found stimulating new lives in Costa Rica, said the announcement. Just has been here for three years. Previously he was is the U.S. pacific coast and has been a  restaurateur, vintner and environmental activist.

The book is illustrated by French artist Gesa Emde.

An Amazon summary says of the poems in part:

“We feel fresh rhythms of sun and rain and wind. We discover exotic plants and animals. We connect with fellow adventures from all over the world. We meet Tico friends, patient and generous with outlanders bringing strange customs and a foreign tongue. We sample local foods and savor an enchanting culture. We learn to relax and relish la pure vida.”

The book is available at Amazon HERE, Barnes and Noble HERE, Booklocker HERE, iTunes HERE and Kobo HERE.poetrybook070715

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