Loser in cross-cultural divorce case here writes a book for his kids

The end of a marriage can be heart wrenching and messy. 

When the union is cross-cultural, the complexities multiply.

A.M. Costa Rica has written many stories about parental abductions, fathers who cannot see their kids, and even one women who won refugee status here because she was wanted in the United States.

The newest addition to the list is John P. Murphy, who has written a book in murphy070715the hopes that his three children eventually see it and learn his side of the story.

Murphy said he and his Costa Rican wife were living in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area with their three children when they decided to move to Costa Rica.

Murphy is no novice with international living. He taught English in Egypt and says he has been in 19 countries. When he and his wife decided to move, he was teaching in Philadelphia.

According to Murphy he drove his wife and three kids to the airport believing that they soon would be reunited in Costa Rica.

He said what happened then was 18 months in the Costa Rica justice system with a divorce action that included allegations of domestic violence.

He denies the domestic violence allegation.

The title of the book is “Time Capsule of a Costa Rican Kidnapping,” although strictly speaking what happened was not a kidnapping and probably not an abduction. Murphy published his account with the online service CreateSpace.

Murphy admits to his own wrongdoing. He said that when he was slapped with a $1,600-a-month child support edict he headed to the Nicaraguan border and bribed his way out of Costa Rica. He now lives in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, where he is about to publish a novel. His book about his Costa Rican case became available June 21, according to his Web site.

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