Milanes is late again for his trial

If there were such an award, Luis Milanes would be a shoo-in for best actor in a judicial soap opera.

The casino owner showed up late again and in pajamas for his fraud trial Wednesday.

But Wednesday he was just an hour later. Monday he was two hours late.

His lawyer said the man had been treated at Hospital San Juan de Dios earlier in the morning, according to those following the trial.

The three-judge panel received a report from  Medicatura Forense that the 64-year-old  casino owner is fit to stand trial. Observers are expecting other legal maneuvers.

Although 500 persons are reported to have lost money when the Milanes Savings Unlimited high interest operation collapsed in 2002, only a few were in the courtroom Wednesday.

The activities of Milanes overshadow co-defendants, his brother José and Michael Gonzales, who was the public face for the high-interest scheme.

Some observers believe that Milanes will avoid a trial and accept the charges in order to settle with a financial penalty rather than prison. He already has allocated money in a conciliation agreement that failed.

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