Model-turned-designer uses coconut shells

Former model Adriana Fernández is one of those entrepreneurs who will be featured in the Feria Hecho Aquí, Artesanía Costarricense this weekend in the Antigua Aduana.

She makes jewelry from organic materials, such as coconut shells, other organic items and metals such as brass and copper.

Ms. Fernández is one of an expected 100 artist who will display their wares this weekend, Friday through Sunday. She was picked by the  Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud as a representative artist.

Ms.  Fernández was a model in Florida for years and returned here when she was 25. For the next eight years she has been making her elaborate and hand-painted jewelry.

Products from her Auténtica Organic Body & Artisan Works are all over the world, she said.

The show is free, and the program is HERE!organic073015

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