New bus terminal in Paso de la Vaca debuts Monday

San José will have a new, modern bus terminal in the area known as Paso de la Vaca on Avenida 7. The grand opening is scheduled for Monday.

The terminal went up in an area that has been a haven for the homeless and those with an alcohol or drug problem. The municipality plans to have more police officers as well as private security to safeguard passengers including tourist who travel to central Pacific beach areas.

The investment was more than $10 million. The structure has three stories with a common area and places for stores.

A boulevard connects Avenida Segunda and Avenida 7. There already is an asphalt roadway that was reduced from two vehicle lanes to one.

The terminal will host bus companies such as Transportes Jacó, Transportes Cóbano, Empresa Alfaro, la 400 Heredia, and international buses that connect with Managua, Nicaragua.

The location was picked to avoid those traffic jams in peak hours downtown and reduce, in some cases, the number of bus stops in San Jose.

The site is south of the restored Botica Solera and near the old Gran Cine Líbano, which is now an auto parts store.

Workmen were putting the finishings touches Wednesday on a security fence around the property and a sign on the southwest corner.

Before the terminal contractor broke grounds, the sprawling lot was the home to open-air mechanics and a lot of garbage. Adjacent storefronts were empty and used for sleeping by the homeless. terminal073015

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