New minimum salaries are online as first pay day approaches

The Ministerio de Trabajo has published the new minimum salaries for the second half of 2015.

The list by job category reflects a .94 percent raised that was negotiated last month as well as a special 1.04 percent increase for low-paid domestic help. A domestic worker is now supposed to make 170,901.34 colons a month, some $324.

Some employers have complained about the salaries of university graduates who may need months of training. A university graduate is supposed to receive 512,552.17 colons a month, according to the new schedule. That’s about $971.

Those who studied longer and obtained a licenciado should get 615,083.69 colons or about $1,165.

Heading the list are graduate journalists or periódistas  who are supposed to make 757,535.85 colons a month. That’s about $1,434.35. A number of public relations workers at state institutions call themselves periódistas to take advantage of that job category.

The new salaries went into effect July 1, so the July 15 pay day will be the first that many employees see the increase.

Employers point out that in addition to the salaries, they must pay to the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social each month an amount based on the new figures. In addition, riesgo de trabajo or workplace insurance also is based on salary amounts. And then there is the year-end aguinaldo that usually is the equivalent of a month’s pay.

The new list by job categories is HERE!

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