New U.S. ambassador demonstrates that he does speak Spanish

The new U.S. ambassador demonstrated his command of Spanish Tuesday when he met with some reporters in what the embassy called a formal introduction.

The ambassador is S. Fitzgerald Haney, and he apologized for lacking practice in Spanish at the beginning of his talk.  The apology seemed unnecessary as Haney handled a series of questions for mostly Costa Rican reporters with only a few lapses when he reverted to English words.

The diplomat also showed that he was well briefed because he responded with long-time U.S. positions on drugs, foreign investment, the environment and gay marriage.

Haney also pointed out that he has been an international business man. He also speaks Hebrew and Portuguese.

The embassy reported that Haney visited the Museo Nacional to get a grip on Costa Rican history.

One place he will not be visiting is the July 4 picnic Saturday at the Cervercería Costa Rica picnic grounds.

Haney and his rabbi wife, Andrea, are Conservative Jews who observe shabbat, keeping holy the seventh day of the week, an embassy spokesperson said.

Haney spent a year awaiting confirmation by the U.S. Senate.

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