President says politicians might use emergency funds for politics

President Luis Guillermo Solís urged residents to complain if emergency funds were used for political purposes.

The statement was unusual because it is Solís and his administration that is responsible for using funds to repair damage from more than a week of heavy rains in the northern zone and the province of Limón

Solís noted that municipal elections are Feb. 7 and said that the populace should be alert to prevent emergency funds being used as if the money were campaign contributions.

He said emergency funds belong to the people and not to politicians.

He made his comments while he was touring the flood-ravage northern zone and northern Limón. He was over Barra del Colorado, Matina and Siquirres because part of the trip was by aircraft. He will visit southern Limón province today.

Also Wednesday, the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional released statistics that showed that Turrialba received more than a meter of rain in June. That’s about 40 inches. This was the location with the greatest accumulation for the month. In just three days, June 26 to 28, the community received 406 millimeters, about 16 inches, according to the weather institute’s report.

Limón Centro got 340 millimeters, about 13.5 inches, during the same period, the institute said.

In addition to Turrialba, areas that got the most rain appeared to be in the mountains overlooking the Caribbean, so this contributed to the rapid rise of rivers and flooding.gap070215

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