President sends list of bills to lawmakers

The executive branch has designed more than five dozen bills for what is known as an extraordinary legislative session that begins Monday.

During times when the Constitution does not say the legislature should meet, the executive branch has the power to call lawmakers back to work and designate the matters they will consider. This originally was an emergency measure, but such sessions have become routine in the modern day except that the president controls the agenda.

The list of bills presented to the legislative leadership does not include any general tax bills. These are expected to be presented later. The Banco Central, the Ministerio de Hacienda and other government agencies have been insisting on the need for more taxes for weeks. A report Thursday said that the government deficit would jump to more than 6 percent in 2016 without new taxes.

The executive branch is preparing a proposal for a value-added tax among others that will be presented later.

The current list includes a redo of the tax on corporations that has been found unconstitutional. That has been in the legislative hopper for some time. There also is a death with dignity bill and a bill to jack up the special tax on motels. Most of these have not originated with the Presidencia.

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