Press advocate tells pope of Ecuador’s culture of fear

Within the framework of Pope Francis’ journey to Ecuador the Inter American Press Association sent him a public message in which it expresses its concern at the systematic violation by the government of the South American nation of the fundamental rights to freedom of expression and of the press.

After remarking on his “pilgrimage to these lands” which will also take him to Bolivia and Paraguay the press association stressed the situation in Ecuador, where it said “President Rafael Correa has enforced the silencing of all those that dissent from the official truth.” The message was published by numerous publications.

In the “Message from the Inter American Press Association to His Holiness Pope Francis,” the Inter American Press Association declared that the Ecuadorean government has been “using propaganda as a battering ram and the Communication Law as an instrument of censorship” to punish media and impose a culture of fear.

The association told Pope Francis that “we hope that your words can inspire changes to the official policy of censorship that is practiced by the government of Ecuador — or, at the very least, ease the suffering of those who cannot fully enjoy their inalienable right to freedom of expression.”

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