RACSA finances seem to be a state secret

The contralora general went to a legislative committee Thursday to discuss the finances of Radiográfica Costarricense S.A., the Internet provider that is a child of Grupo ICE.

Normally this would be about as exciting as watching paint dry.

But the contralora general’s agency, the budget watchdog, issued a statement before the noon meeting that it would be private. Having a private session before any legislative committee is unusual. The decision by the  Comisión de Ingreso y Gasto to hold a private hearing certainly is not comforting to firms and individual who have accounts and Internet connections with the provider known as RACSA.

The statement also said that  Marta Acosta, the  contralora general, would not answer questions before or after the closed session.

Also Thursday, Carlos Manuel Obregón, the president of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad announced what the company said were strategic controls over subsidiaries so that RACSA could emerge from its financial crisis by the end of the year.

The financial troubles with RACSA have been long-standing. Although it was set up as an Internet provider, the institute, known as ICE, decided to become a competitor of its own subsidiary.

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