Rainy season is great for pulling weeds

A light rain makes weeding so much easier.  All those roots just seem to wiggle out of the soil.  Of course, shaking the dirt off of them is harder, but piling them up under a sheet of plastic until they dry out some Victoria Torleyusually works.  Then there are the deep weeds, the ones with roots that go down halfway to China and spread out to the size of a dinner plate.  Nobody likes those weeds.

Come to think of it, nobody much likes any weeds.

Dry season weeding is a different
story altogether.  In the dry season, roots that have welded themselves into clay are almost impossible to remove.  I especially hate the crab-grassy weeds that spread themselves out into my tender ground covers.

I think the best ground covers are the ones that grow tendrils from the stems as they lay on the ground.  They sort of creep across the ground; each stem grabbing the soil and holding tight to anchor the next bit of growth.  In a way, they are crab-grassy themselves and that makes it very hard to weed them. Pull a long tendril of weed and you are going to disturb the roots from one of your ground cover stems. You may even dislodge it completely and see it come away with the weed.  No matter though, as you can immediately replant it in another section of garden.  After all, you want them to spread.

Other ground covers don’t make roots from stems, they simply sprawl. I have a couple of good sprawlers out there, some ground huggers and some taller.  They are much easier to weed, although they don’t strangle out the weeds as well as the crab-grassy ones are supposed to.

Weeding grass is so much harder. First of all, how am I supposed to tell grass from weed? Little weeds look a lot like grass at times until they go to seed, then watch out, because weed seeds are not very polite. I don’t know how much time I have spent pulling weed seeds (a/k/a/ burs) out of clothing and dog fur, but it is way too much. Long ago, there was a product you could spray on grass that would only kill broadleaf weeds which made taking care of a lawn a lot easier, but who knows if it’s still available or if you even want a chemical control.

Until there is a nice friendly way to take out weeds, I guess we will have to expect dirt on our knees and an aching back. Just try to stay away from the fire ants . . . .

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