Rare plants form the basis for a new Museo Nacional exhibit

The Museo Nacional is hosting an exhibition of 18 photos of extinct or nearly extinct plants compiled by artist Carolina Guillermet.

Some of the photos are of very rare specimens. The museum said that one plant, with the scientific name of  Pradosia argentea, was collected in 1799 and 1804 by the famous Alexander Von Humboldt and his associate Bonpland Aimé Jacques Alexandre. The plant was kept in the Berlin herbarium, which was destroyed in World War II, the museum said. Only a single leaf, captured in one of the 18 photos, remains because the plant has not been seen again.

The museum maintains its own botanical garden, and it has an extensive collection of plant-related texts, diaries and specimens, some coming from the 19th century. Ms. Guillermet used some of these resources.

Although the exhibit covers the world, Costa Rica is emphasized. Each photo is accompanied by an explanation. museum070915The exhibition is open until Oct. 25.

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