Road agency plans a new $40 million headquarters

The transport ministry has set Aug. 4 as the date to pick a contractor to erect a new  $40 million building.

The site is in Plaza Víquez where the ministry, the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes., already owns land where driving tests are administered.

The project is not without critics because of the state of the nation’s roads and bridges.

The new building will be eight stories and include a number of environmentally progressive aspects, including solar and recycling of water for an efficient air conditioning system, said the ministry.

The ministry now occupies a sprawling complex of buildings to the west of Plaza Víquez, but the property is owned by Liceo de Costa Rica, which has won a court case to recover the structures, said the ministry.

One of two firms,  Productos de Concreto or the Eurobau-Escosa consortium, is expected to win the contract for a prefabricated concrete structure. The action today will be to further define the bidding period in the Comprared purchasing system.

The ministry says it will save large amounts of money with the new, more efficient building.

After the bid is awarded, the design process starts. Construction is supposed to take eight months, said the ministry.

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