Solís fires aides because they may have suggested doing wrong

President Luis Guillermo Solís sacrificed six staffers Monday because they may have been thinking about doing something wrong.

The six are members of  Juventud Progresista of the Partido Acción Ciudadana, which equate to something like Young Democrats or Young Republicans.

Minutes from one of their meetings said that someone suggested using government resources for political purposes.

That is a big no no in government, and even though no one did that, they were fired by the president.

They were staffers at Casa Presidencial and at other ministries. The staffers are of the same political party as the president. A seventh individual is in a civil service job, and Casa Presidencial said that an action has been started against him.

The issue was raised by Ottón Solís, a legislator, who also is from the same party.

The fired individuals told reporters that the minutes did not reflect what actually transpired at the June meeting of the group. And even if the suggestion was made, it could have been in jest. The minutes did not reflect a context. And the comment itself was vague, suggesting just using public resources for the benefit of the party without giving specifics.

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