Some offices will be closed this Friday

Sunday is the legal holiday of the patroness of the country, Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles. But for some government agencies, Friday is a holiday, too.

Among these is the U.S. Embassy which said it would be closed Friday. Other government offices are likely to be short on staff as their workers take the annual hike to Cartago and the basilica there.

Last Saturday was a national holiday, too, marking the 191st anniversary of the Partido de Nicoya’s decision to join Costa Rica.

The embassy staff also had last Friday off for that reason. But downtown Saturday there was commerce as usual. A few mom-and-pop stores were closed, but nearly every major retail outlet was open.

That probably will be the case Sunday. After all, Sunday would be a great time to shop for the next big holiday, mother’s day, which is Aug. 15. That’s a Saturday, too, but the U.S. Embassy will again have the preceding Friday off.

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