Stop-and-frisk policy nets 2,949 this year

The Fuerza Pública stop-and-frisk policy has resulted in 2,949 arrests in San José over the last five months, the agency said Thursday.

Police routinely stop individuals and make them turn out their pockets. Those who are encountered by police usually are younger males.

That’s why the biggest infraction found in the streets are persons who are behind on their child support payments, said the Fuerza Pública. Failing to pay what is known as pensión alimentaria can bring police with an arrest warrant. Or individuals may be flagged when police check their identity on the street.

Being behind on child support results in a ride in the perrera, the paddy wagon, just as if the person was accused of a higher crime. They usually go free after a relative posts the appropriate amount of money.

The second most common reason for being detained on the street are due to arrest warrants involving crimes, said police.

Fuerza Pública officers stop individuals without any sort of probable cause and then search them. Frequently they find small amounts of drugs. The same policy is enforced on the highway when police pull over motorists randomly and then search the vehicle.frisk070315

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