Sunday drawing honors fire fighters and is good practice for Gordo

Expats who never have played the national lottery might find the one decided Sunday to be good practice for the Christmas Gordo.

The lottery this week marks the 150th anniversary of the  Cuerpo de Bomberos. Two winners will each get 140 millions colons, about $265,000 tax free.

Winning is a real longshot with 200,000 tickets in play. Yet there is plenty of entertainment in sitting at home watching the lottery drawing Sunday night. The drawing is a long affair with three canastas or baskets in play at once. The operator of one selects the series. One selects the number, and the operator of a smaller basket selects the price.

A real downer would be to have the correct series and number only to be awarded 400,000 colons instead of $265,000. Each ticket has 10 parts that sell for 800 colons each, about $1.50 A full ticket is 8,000 colons.

The Christmas Gordo is an institution with significantly higher prizes. Like the Sunday drawing there are many lesser prizes.

Fire fighters also are celebrating their anniversary Sunday morning in the  Teatro Nacional.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of the story gave an incorrect amount for the top prize because reporters were hitting the sauce a bit early.lottery072115

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