Tourist police are quick to rescue an injured sloth at Dominical

An injured sloth was found near Dominical with an apparent broken left arm. When driving along a public road Tuesday afternoon tourist police officers said they saw a foreigner trying to help the injured animal, which required immediate medical care.

A Fuerza Pública spokeswoman said authorities do not know the sloth’s current condition, as it had since been taken to a veterinary clinic.

The foreigner, who wanted police to only refer to him as “Mike,” paid all medical costs for the sloth’s hospitalization, according to a police report.

Such animals are prone to injuries because they are unaccustomed to being on the ground.  They spend much of their life in the trees where they feed on leaves. There are sloth recovery centers on both coasts where the animal may end up.

Injured animal is on the way to the vet.

Injured animal is on the way to the vet.

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