Trio held in murder of clerk at popular La Bomba pharmacy

The murder was unnecessary. The 24-year-old female manager at the popular La Bomba pharmacy in Guayabo de Curridabat had gotten the job just six days before.

The bandits might have been upset because she could not or would not open the cash draw when they stuck up the place.

One of them shot her in the ear, and she died a short time later in Hospital Calderón Guardia. She left a 3 year old.

Judicial agents responded by detaining three persons in  Desamparados early Monday. They are accused of being the persons who arrived at the store on two motorcycles. That was Dec. 17

Judicial agents said that a 26-year-old suspect already was in custody on another charge.

The dead woman was Rosberly Córdoba Murillo. Agents said they confiscated a pistol.arrested071415

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