Tropical wave passes over without causing much rain

Tropical Wave No. 16 passed over the country without bringing significant rain.

In San José there were sprinkles too little to be measured Thursday.

Elsewhere, despite threatening skies, amounts up to a few millimeters were reported by the automatic weather stations maintained by the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

Weather and emergency officials were expecting much worse because tropical waves were the culprits in bringing heavy rainfalls to the country since June 20.

However. the U.S. National Hurricane Center said that a new wave in on the way. The low-pressure system is in the mid-Atlantic now with little chance of evolving into anything serious through Saturday, the center said.

Waves do have the capacity of  becoming a depression or tropical storm. A recent wave that passed over Costa Rica did so when it hit the Pacific.

The institute says that local factors will dominate the weather today. Marine breezes will bring in moisture that will result in some rain today mostly near the central mountains. In the late afternoon and evening the central and south Pacific should see rain., the forecast said.

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