Uninvited flattery is a dangerous pursuit, San Pedro partier finds

There are a couple of rules for flattering young ladies.

Rule No. 1: Make sure she is not with her boyfriend.

Rule No. 2: If she is, make sure the flattery is so elegant and non-threatening that he does not get mad.

Rule No. 3: Make sure he does not have five friends nearby.

Rule No. 4: After violating all of the above, run!

A 32-year-old man on Calle de la Amargura in San Pedro seems to have broken all of the rules, which is why he showed up at Hospital Calderón Guardia with a stab wound to the back.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the stabbing happened early Sunday when the man appears to have delivered a  piropo, an uninvited comment, to two women. The agency also said that a man was accompanying the women and took offense.

Piropos are a Latin tradition, and some flattery is poetic and even humorous. In most cases, they are less obnoxious than New York City construction workers whistling and shouting at passing women.

But piropos also can be crude and even obscene. In some countries they are or have been illegal. The judicial agency censored071315left to the imagination the nature of the flattery on the infamous beer soaked street in San Pedro. But the comment was sufficient for the offended man to return a few minutes later with five friends to engage the flatterer in  confrontation. Hence the knife wound.

The victim adopted Rule No. 4 a bit late, but he still managed to dash a considerable distance to the Fuente de Hispanidad in front of Mall San Pedro before he contacted the Cruz Roja for a trip to the hospital.

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