Archaeologist will discuss Garza site

The man who excavated an ancient cemetery in Playa Garza and found 111 ocarinas will discuss his discoveries today.

He is archaeologist  Juan Vicente Guerrero, and his 3 p.m. presentation will be the first in a series.

The Garza site is called Rempujo, and Guerrero and his team did the excavations in 2009. So many ocarinas were found that the place has been called the cemetery of musicians.

His free presentation today will be at the Museo Nacional where the archaeological work led to the exhibition Música y ritos en Bahía Garza.

This is the first of four discussions of pre-Columbian music.

The next will be Sept, 16 with ethnomusicologist Jorge Luis Acevedo, who will discuss ancient music.

Oct. 14 is the third presentation, pre-Columbian music, also with Acevedo.

A roundtable is planned for Nov. 11 with the curators of Paseo de los Museos, Priscilla Molina, Mónica Aguilar and Cleria Ruíz.

Paseo de los Museos is a program set up for tourists by the Museo Nacional, the Museo de Jade and the Museos del Banco Central. All three museums are within walking distance, and the Museo Nacional and the Museo de Jade are on opposite sides of the Plaza de la Democracia.

Staffers at the three museums are working together to present exhibitions for visitors.

Each museum now has an exhibition related to ancient music.

The Garza site is in the hills east of the Pacific beach on the Nicoya peninsula. In addition to ocarinas, also discovered were whistles, jade pendants, war and ceremonial maces and axes, according to Guerrero’s academic report.

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