Arts festival figures faced banning

A legislative committee wants to prohibit four persons involved in the last Festival Internacional de las Artes from government work for four years.

The Comisión Permanente Especial de Control del Ingreso y Gasto Público named Elizabeth Fonseca, who was minister of Cultura y Juventud at the time. Also named were two vice ministers, José Alfredo Chavarría Fennell and Luis Carlos Amador Brenes, as well as Inti Picado Ovares, who directed the festival.

The committee will present such a suggestion to the full legislature. If approved, the suggestion will go to the Fiscalía General de la Republica to be included with any legal action that might grow out of the festival. The festival is widely seen as badly managed.

Only a judge can order individuals to be excluded from public service. What happened with the festival does not seem to rise to the level of a crime, so there may not be any legal proceedings. The principal allegation is lack of coordination.

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