Bayer inaugurates plant for contraceptive coils

The Bayer Group inaugurated its $12 million plant Thursday in the  Zona Franca Metropolitana in Barreal de Heredia.

The company said that it would be hiring 75 employees.

The plant is designed to manufacture permanent contraceptive coils that can be implanted surgically in both fallopian tubes of the female patient. The procedure can be done in a physician’s office.

In a few months, tissue forms around the tiny coils and blocks the tubes, thereby preventing pregnancy.

Officials said that the firm has approval to sell the small devices in Europe, Canada and in the United States. The firm has been working at the site since October to begin production.

Bayer has been in the country since 1978, and the firm has about 350 employees at other facilities, according to the Ministerio de Comercio Exterior.

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