Chained: One way to keep kids at home

Every parent knows that raising a teenager can be daunting.

What do you do with a girl, 16, who stays out all night. How about a son, just barely an adult, who is in the marijuana business?

Although many parents have considered it, few have actually chained a child to furniture to insure compliance. But the Fuerza Pública said that a woman in San Ramón de Alajuela did just that in order to keep her daughter at home while the mother went to work.

Child welfare experts frown on this practice, so the mother was taken to see prosecutors. The girl had a chain affixed to her ankle.

Meanwhile in Taras de Cartago a father turned in his 21-year-old son after discovering marijuana in the house. The Fuerza Pública said there was 3.8 kilos.woman081315

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