Chamber and a ministry report suspicious activities with emails and logo

Someone is using Hotmail to impersonate the tax collectors, and the tourism chamber reports that some firms are using its logo to defraud customers.

The separate reports suggest that consumers better be on their toes.

The finance ministry, the Ministerio de Hacienda, said that someone is using the email address

The emails threaten Costa Ricans with tax audits unless they present a document showing their financial state within 48 hours. The Direción General de Tributación, the tax collecting agency, is within the Ministry.

The ministry said that it only issued emails from its official address, which is It asked anyone receiving fake notices to contact

The situation with the Cámera Nacional de Turismo is more direct. The chamber said that firms offering cheap tourism deals are using its logo illegally. The chamber suggested that the deals might be frauds.

The chamber said it has been contacted by those who had been duped by the logo and the low prices.

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