Complaints cite poor treatment of elderly

The elderly have been mistreated on public buses, according to the  Defensoría de los Habitantes.

The defensora de los habitantes, Montserrat Solano Carboni, has filed official complaints against two bus lines with the Consejo de Transporte Público. In addition she said that the treatment of passengers should be a consideration when concessions are renewed.

The complaints are directed at the Metrocoop R.L firm that runs buses to Hatillo and Alajuelita.

Bus passengers have said that drivers retained their cédulas de identidad, did not guarantee use of the preferred seating for the elderly and did not stop where the elderly passenger wanted.

The elderly receive reduced fare rides if they show that they are of age, and this has made drivers all over the metro area unhappy.

The defensora also suggested that the public transport supervision authority keep a registry of complaints that it can consult when time comes to renew concessions.

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