Emergency commission plans to evacuate capital

The national emergency commission and the Municipalidad de San José will stage a disaster simulation Sept. 3 in which some 60,000 persons are expected to leave their schools and jobs for a mock evacuation.

The details of the event are expected to be outlined today.

The day of the event is a Thursday.

This is the first such large-scale simulation, and both public and private workplaces will be subject to an evacuation, the commission said.

Those evacuated will become familiar with  the routes and the locations where they would assemble in the case of a real emergency, the commission said.

There are periodic small scale simulations but this is the first time that one of such a massive scale has been planned, said the Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias.

The Cruz Roja also is involved in the planning for this simulation.

Evacuation would not be possible in the event of a major earthquake. The roadways would be blocked by rubble.

But a massive out-of-control fire or the escape of dangerous chemicals would be the type of disaster that would generate an evacuation.

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