Evicted squatters plan to negotiate Tuesday

Evicted squatters who want the government to give them land and jobs have agreed to meet Tuesday to continue negotiations.

The former resident of  Finca Chánguena were evicted by Fuerza Pública officers following a court order a week ago. They have continued to block one or both lanes of a bridge on the Interamericana Sur over the Río Térreba.

The evictees include the aged and children. Some of the individuals have lived on the disputed property for up to 14 years after the company with rights to the land fired workers during a strike.

The rector of the Universidad Nacional in Heredia, Alberto Salom, is mediating the negotiations between the evictees and the central government.

Already the government has agreed to give each family about $100 and to cover their housing for three months.

The location is in Palmar Sur in the canton of Osa on the southern Pacific coast. This is one of the poorer areas of the country where much of the income is generated by agricultural projects.

Some of those involved did not live on the land but had taken control of some land to farm.

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