Fire-fighting agency wants a retraction on criticism of its coverage

The nation’s fire-fighting agency is demanding a public retraction by the defensora de los habitantes.

The defensora,  Monserrat Solano, told a radio audience Friday that there are dangerous zones in the country where if homeowners have a fire they can only watch while the structure burns down.

That is not true, said the Cuerpo de Bomberos in a statement issued just hours later.

Some expats on the Pacific coast have made the similar criticisms, but that was before the legislature passed a tax on electricity with the proceeds going to the fire fighters. Since then the agency has been  building and staffing new fire stations.  When the 1.75 percent tax was being discussed four years ago, the fire fighting agency said it would build 32 new stations over the next 10 years.

The fire agency in a statement Friday said it provides services to all of the country without exception.

The Cruz Roja has said in the past that it would not provide services to areas that were considered too dangerous for its staffers. Certainly some taxi drivers will not provide services to certain areas of the metro area.

However, expats have complained of fire fighters arriving after a long delay because of the distance but then never have said the trucks never showed up.

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