Government going after 26,000 sales tax deadbeats

There are 26,000 individuals or firms who have not submitted at least one sales tax monthly report this year, the Dirección General de Tributación, the tax collector, reports.

Those taxpayers who have not done so will be getting a telephone call or a text message from the agency through the first days of September.

The agency announced the collection plan Friday. The agency estimated that there would be 13,000 emails and 14,000 text messages sent. Those taxpayers who have not filed an email address or a cell telephone number with the tax agency will have their names posted on the government Web site.

Even if there are no taxes owed, companies and individuals registered as sale tax payers have to file each month. The agency noted that the filing is done on its computerized EDDIE system.

That presents a problem for some persons because the parent Ministerio de Hacienda keeps changing the program. However, the agency maintains computers at key locations where taxpayers can fill out and submit the form.

The agency noted that firms and individuals that have stopped doing business should file a form taking them from the list of taxpayers.

There are penalties involved in failing to file a sale tax form. In addition to a fine, the agency levied an additional penalty of 150 percent of the taxes owed.

The agency is trying to bring its taxpayers up to date as it goes to the legislature seeking more taxes.

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