He appreciates article on Windows 10

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Kudos to Mr. Garland Baker for warning us about Windows 10 and letting us know about ways to overcome Microsoft’s intrusion of privacy; I’ve saved a copy for reference. What I didn’t read however was what disadvantages occur to the user if we don’t install version 10 altogether other than missing out on ”The system is faster, more efficient and easier to understand.”?

That’s always the claim, is it not, yet Vista and W8 were nothing but a pain in the processor until they straightened them out with numerous patches.

I believe that creeping secret data mining is more dangerous than the debatable global warming science being touted by the anti-industry folks. And I find it irritating to receive countless pop-up ads and diversions while I’m in the middle of my work, necessitating frequent purging of cookies and software add-ons using my anti-malware.

I’d rather see Microsoft put a little effort on freezing out this kind of thing from my Windows system rather than them joining the culprits in the effort.

Whatever happened to simple Mr. Gates?

Bob Normand
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