He’s not fond of the Caja care

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Regarding pinche Gringos on the Caja.  I have lived here 20 years, working legally, paying into the system and Caja and have never used it.  I tried one time when my wife insisted I go and with three trips and many hours while I was in pain and never got to see a doctor.

To live here, foreigners are forced to pay into the Caja.  The rates go up year after year with no recourse, and they don’t even use it.   I know hundreds people here that have been paying into this corrupt, non-functioning, dangerous system and never ever use it.  We all learn quick as well if and when you are seriously sick, you cannot end up in a Caja hospital under Caja care.  Too many people we have known have died with the poor care or no care they receive when you end up sick in say San Juan de Dios hospital/morgue.

Greg Lomax
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