It’s been 14 years of informing and trying to help

Saturday is the 14th birthday of A.M. Costa Rica.

The daily newspaper has been successful because of support by readers and advertisers. The staff and management are grateful to them all.

The newspaper began for what was supposed to be a daily calendar of events  just a few weeks before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. The crisis and confusion of that time forced the newspaper to adopt the role of informing residents and tourists here of vital information.

Since then the primary goal has been to keep informed expats and those from elsewhere with interest in Costa Rica. The newspaper’s pragmatic editorial opinions have not always been praised, and frequently the news is not good for the country’s image. But for too long the systemic problems of Costa Rica have been hidden under the journalistic rug.

Garland Baker and his insightful articles on real estate, legal changes and technology have been important parts of the news report.

Reader contributions via letters and articles also have contained important information.birthday081415

Perhaps lesser known are the expat problems that the staff fields and sometimes resolves.

Merchants and readers like A.M. Costa Rica because the advertising performs well. This is an important part of the daily report because commercial messages pay the bills.

A.M. Costa Rica will continue to be free for readers even though some online newspapers have begun to charge for viewing the pages.

And the newspaper staff will continue to work with those who need to present effective commercial messages.

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