Joining Caja is required by law for expats

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I am not sure what Chris is talking about. His first and last paragraphs refer to the Caja. I am not sure if he is talking about the Instituto Nacional de Seguros in the second paragraph, but he clearly is confused.   Chris says “Many exploitative expats lie about their prior conditions.”   If he is talking about INS, I would like to know what he bases this on. It is hard to lie about previous surgeries, and conditions.   The Caja does not ask about prior conditions. And exploitative?  Expats don’t ask to join the Caja. It is required by law. And if an expat is a rentista, he is required to pay a minimum $ 270 a month to the Caja.

Socialized medicine does not work and especially in Costa Rica. The Caja is killing people everyday and is full of corruption and waste. It is Third World medicine at its worst. And if the law did not require Gringos to pay the Caja, then Gringos here would have money for real insurance. I just spent two months in Caja hospitals, and they lied right to my face about my condition.  Try this Chris, take a referral to a cardiologist to the hospital in Heredia. They will tell you, “OK come back in 10 days and we will give you an appointment.: They could do it as you wait, but it makes them feel powerful if they waste your time and energy. Besides, you needed a heart doctor. If you are going to die in the next 10 days, they saved themselves two minutes work.

Robert Savage


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